Quote Management System for Flowstar Valves

Flowstar Valves (UK), based in Hull, approached us to develop a bespoke quote management system that would streamline their operations and provide better visibility of customer requirements.

Chris Turner, Managing Director at Flowstar Valves (UK) said:

Our sales people deal with a lot of detailed technical enquiries each day and as we have got busier we needed to find quicker and better ways of working.

We have tried many off the shelf products over the years but none have them have given us exactly what we want hence why we turned to Laurence at Double Click IT to help.

We had initial meetings with Laurence so that he had a good understanding of what we wanted to achieve. Laurence then went away and began turning this into a working product.

We have had input at every stage along the way with tweaks and adjustments and also Laurence has brought many great ideas to the table which we hadn’t thought of ourselves.

To summarise on the product we now have something that works the way we need it to work, that’s quick and easy to use because it works the way we work and from a reporting point of view we have all of the traceability and statistics that we need to manage our business.